Sketchbook project 2011! Why do I always leave everything to the last minute?

Remember the Sketchbook Project 2011? The touring sketchbook project?

You do…Really? Fab!

©2010- Cathy Read- sketches
©2010- Cathy Read- sketches

Well, if you remember, I started well. With 5 pages completed the first week. The plan was to do a sketch a day – with breaks.

Like this…

Well, over the next 12 weeks I did 3. Hangs head in shame… it’s not good is it!

Each day I start intending to sketch, but little events crop up… and I’d miss sketching time. Excuses, excuses…

If I’d just kept going I could have done it easily. Now it’s all a bit of a rush.

The deadline is January 15th. And I’ve been playing catchup over Christmas. Almost there…

©2010- Cathy Read- sketches - barn
©2010- Cathy Read- sketches – barn

“Down your street” (my theme) is really stretching me. Picture postcard street scenes  rapidly became boring. So I’ve expanded the “street” to include the entire village.

Well, they’re all accessible by going down the road somehow. Anyway, if you want to be pedantic, I live in a lane. 😉

Sketching versus drawing is an ongoing battle. I want to do highly detailed pictures. But, I’m keeping to the sketch format. Spending 1-2 hours maximum on each.

©2010- Cathy Read- sketches - Berries in the snow.
©2010- Cathy Read- sketches – Berries in the snow.

We’ve also had snow! Being a wimp and disliking frostbite intensely, I’ve resorted to pictures! Obviously -ones I’ve taken.

There’s some controversy of photographs versus sketching from life… But I’ll leave that for another day. Personally, I like both!

Weather’s improving now, so hopefully I will get outside, soon. Although the lure of sketching by a real fire is STRONG!

On the plus side I’m doing at least 2 sketches a day. Maybe I should make it permanent practice?

©2010- Cathy Read- sketches - An Englishman's home - Postbox
©2010- Cathy Read- sketches – An Englishman’s home – Postbox

Conclusion, I need another resolution for 2011! I need to find a routine which works. And do things before the last minute! Little and often, as the mantra goes!

So, has anyone any tips how I can get more organised in 2011?

And if you’d like to see my sketchbook finished please check the Sketchbook Project 2011 for details of the tour.

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Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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