New year – New Art Career! 3 Steps to Success in 2011!

Do you know where you’re headed in 2011?

Confession time, I find Goal panning hard. And I bet I’m not the only one!

Yeah, I’ve got the big one sussed:-

To make my living as an artist creating distinctive, contemporary art. But it’s all those smaller steps in between that catch me out.

©2010-Cathy Read-Offspring-50.8x40.6cm

©2010-Cathy Read-Offspring-50.8x40.6cm

We are 4 days from 2011… It’s time to take stock of 2010.

Over the past few weeks life’s been hectic. Christmas, of course! But also lots of deadlines approach.

Oxford Art Weeks and Buckinghamshire Open Studios are soon!

This year I’ve trying to get to grips with marketing. I’ve had a degree of success!

But Christmas is THE BIGGIE for Sales opportunities. And I’ve missed opportunities!

Verdict?  – Could do better!

So, if I want to participate in 2011? I need a plan of action and I need it now!

But how do I figure out the individual steps to get “THERE” from the excess of information available? As Alan Bamberger says on

“The Only Way to Get There is if You Know Where You’re Going!”

The moment I decide to start making goals, my brain turns to mush! I can think of so much! But any cohesive structured plan seems as tangible as knitted fog.

Step 1. What do I want to achieve!

How do I identify my success?

Should I:-

  • Increase my production rate?
  • Sell more pictures?
  • Command a higher fee per picture?
  • Maybe all of the above?

Perhaps Fame is my measure of success?

  • What about  increasing my exposure in the press or on the internet.
  • How about getting to the top of searches on Google?
  • Having work accepted at a particular gallery or exhibition?
  • Having a one man exhibition with a well attended Private show?

This stage I can handle. It’s a case of pick one or two and run with them.

My goals are  Acceptance, recognition and increased market value! Simples!

Step 2. Break it down! Find the steps to success.

And this is where I begin to struggle!

  • Which steps?
  • How many?
  • What timescale?
  • Should I be realistic or reach for the sky?

My problem here is, I’m not the most organised of people! I like big ideas, the details I prefer to muddle through.

But there’s a point at which I must knuckle down and DO IT!

Why? Because you need to figure out how to climb that mountain! The details make that dream possible.

If I don’t, I end up missing deadlines (translation opportunities), pursuing the wrong opportunities and being too busy to do the right ones!)

Which is why I’ll be looking to my goals for next year and thrashing out those itty bitty significant steps to success!

Use the knowledge you have!

Part of this process will be information gathering opportunities. Can’t take steps if you don’t know what they are! Right?

So, I have this among my main goals for next year

Being accepted at a major exhibition! Which one? Hmmm, tricky… it should be where my art fits?

The Royal Academy Summer exhibition? Well it has kudos, although my last 2 attempts were rejected! But, I must rise above rejection and keep trying!

And, I visited the Summer exhibition this year. So, I know I have work would suit!

A tangible goal based on knowledge. With a finite end and measurable. A statisticians dream!

Step 3 Action

Any plan is useless if it’s not acted upon!

I face rejection! That scares me!  But I have to face that fear and do it!

You get the idea, steps on the path. Like Confuscius says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep”.

It might not be my first, or 300th. But each and every step is important to reaching my destination. Decide on a route and take the steps!

Now, I just have to decide on more steps to flesh out my route for 2011! Preferably some over which I have some control…

So, where are you headed in 2011?

What’s your big plan? Care to share some of your steps to success in the comments?

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Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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