Lacking inspiration? Just make a mistake!

Any artist, or writer, will tell you there’s nothing worse than a blank page.

Somehow it demands brilliance. Few of us feel we’ll create brilliance at the outset.

Speaking personally, there’s always that niggling thought, “It will all go Pear-shaped and highlight my ineptitude”- or is that 2 thought? Confidence seeps away and I’m left with a yawning chasm in my thoughts. The mental equivalent of a goldfish impression.

At this point, I’ve finally learned to start typing.

Any drivel that pops into my mind will do.

Why? I hear you ask.

Because it helps my thought processes. The very act of writing, allows my creative subconscious to creep back in. Even if it’s to say “That’s a load of rubbish (spelt c-r …)” you get the picture! ;-)

I find the same thing happens when I’m painting or drawing.

If I wait for inspiration to strike. I will get nothing done. Speaking from bitter experience, Procrastination has been a real curse. But it’s one I’m finally taking control of.

Last week’s mixed media class was one such occasion. We were exploring the style of Paul Gauguin. All my images were fairly industrial. Not Tahitian beaches. What should I do? I had a few, fuzzy images of the Harbour at Sagres, Portugal, taken on Honeymoon. Nothing spectacular. I was uninspired. But, what did I have to lose?

The picture came together very quickly. Once I acted, I knew what to do! Frequent pauses were used to help tackle details, such as the boat. But I was on a roll by then, the creative impetus had gained momentum.


©2010 Cathy Read- Sagres Harbour - 43x57cm

©2010 Cathy Read- Sagres Harbour - 43x57cm

I look on these paintings as professional development. Training, if you like.

This is not my style,

but I may use aspects again. I feel an affinity to the process and will probably do some more. I may even incorporate some aspects into my work. Watch out and see if I do.

Sure, it could have been a “failure”. But I would still  have learned something. I can’t paint like that, or I’m rubbish at boats… perhaps.

But no process is ever a failure,

if you learn something of value from it! I read a wonderful quote from Grayson Perry yesterday. “creativity is mistakes!” So true!

But I’d go further and say you can’t be truly creative if you don’t make mistakes. Serendipity is the origin of many major creative works. You have nothing to lose, so do SOMETHING!

Talking of Grayson Perry, why do female transvestites seem less “shocking” than male ones?
Oops procrastinating again!

So, how about you, made any good “mistakes” lately?

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Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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