Lodged in decline

The trouble with demonstrations is it’s not always possible to show the finished result! So, as promised last week, at the John Lewis event. here is the finished painting.

©2010 Cathy Read -Lodged in decline- 40.6x50.8cm- Mixed media on paper

It’s always a hazardous business applying ink to wet paper. The tree in the chimney stack is an example. It took on a life of it’s own and morphed into green “smoke”. Luckily, I liked the effect!

Those who saw me in action at John Lewis may have watched the initial creation of this painting. Or the one in my previous post. Painting with masking fluid seems to intrigue most people. Probably think I’m a mad artist who has lost the plot!

They might be right there? Maybe I should just let the painting speak for itself?

It’s another Middleton mill. The title is a play in its name “Lodge Mill”.

I’ve spent the intervening week tearing my hair out with the shop on my website. After too many frustrations, I’ve decided to post my items to my Etsy Shop while I sort out the Website once and for all!

And the reason for all this heartache, I want to organise 10% off all my painting in a Sale to say Thank you to everyone for their support!

So pop over to ArtbyCathySRRead to take advantage of this offer! But do it before the 15th October, when the offer expires!

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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