Should I be busy demonstrating my art, or perfecting the sales pitch?

So how did we do? The exhibition looked great, there were lots of people- although apparently quiet for John Lewis! We had a lot of interested people, sales were made, not as much as we’d like but worth the effort!

Well, this last week has been hectic, to say the least. I need to chill by a pool, dangling my toes in the water, drinking a cocktail, or a nice glass of Chianti! Ideally somewhere hot… like Miami

Reality setting in here! A nice cup of tea with my feet up on the sofa will have to do!

©2010Cathy Read Art

This photo belies how busy it was! I wasn’t able to take pictures when I was busy…

because I was busy! Of course!

BTW – The seated lady talking to a customer is fellow artist and Bafa member Mita Vaghela. She has some beautiful woodland scenes with the light coming through!

Several people were curious how I was able to concentrate with all the activity! I was more concerned about missing potential customers whilst engrossed in my work. Selling my art is something I struggle with! But Demonstrating is a different matter. It allows me to engage with the public, to explain what I do and why I do it!

Demonstrating has other advantages! As a mother of three who is frequently interrupted I painted far more in a day than I usually do! The questions and interruptions of shoppers are as nothing compared to your own curious or hungry children!

Thankfully, Customers don’t insist on sitting on your lap whilst you paint! I think I’d probably call security if they did!

My favourite comment is possibly “Mummy can we get some yellow ink so I can paint like that” He was referring to the yellow masking fluid.

On Friday and Saturday I was able to complete this picture…

©2010 Cathy -Growing together-Partnership- 40.6x50.8cm- Mixed media on paper

It’s called “Growing together – Partnership”. I’m still exploring the idea of patterns representing individual people. The circles those areas where ultimate cooperation exists. I suppose this is a sort of utopian dream of working together for growth.

I thought it would be fun, as John Lewis staff are all Partners, to add a reference. Having said that, I’m tempted to drop the “growing together” and just go for “Partnership”! What do you think?

Next post will be earlier than usual and will be the finished Mill picture I was working on over the weekend. For the benefit of the curious customers who watched its creation!

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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3 Responses to Should I be busy demonstrating my art, or perfecting the sales pitch?

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  2. Joni Bee says:

    Lovely art! So glad I stopped by. I’m with you on the album covers. I used to want clear floor tiles with the covers encased… Is there a market for that? Sounds like fun to me 😉

  3. cat2read says:

    What a fabulous Idea! There must be a market for it, you’d need to go through the artists, but that would totally work!

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