Art Works for business at John Lewis

Well it works for me!

I had an unexpected phone call on Wednesday! I was in the bank, when my phone rang. I answered and it was Mike at Artworks for business. I was one of 3 artist’s selected to exhibit and demonstrate at John Lewis department store in High Wycombe. Now to say I were fair gobsmacked is putting it mildly It came as something of a surprise, as I’d only asked for more details when I sent him my initial email the previous Friday!

For a while, I was baffled! How had they seen my work? Then I checked the email I sent and realised it contained a link to my website! (What strange marketing insight had made me include that I wonder! Art, You’ll be proud of me! I think it’s finally sinking in!)

©2010 Cathy Read - Point of view- Dimensions 28x38 cm - mixed media on paper

The briefing meeting was Thursday at 3.00pm!! First thought how am I going to manage the school run? I mean, don’t these people have families!!!!

After frantic childcare arrangements, I ensured I made it! I might not have planned to go, but I sure wasn’t going to turn down an offer handed me on a plate!

Leaving the meeting I was elated. Especially realising that I might actually sell some significant quantities of work! Then, the reality set in – I’ve lots to do!!!!!! Panic!

Framing, cataloguing, still have a commission to finish! No money to get frames with……… AAAAARGGGGHHHH Too much! Good job, I didn’t know all the details beforehand. I’m committed now, will have to do it…

The next big question is how much to frame? I might sell lots, I might sell nothing …Think positive! I’ve decided to frame some more but concentrate on getting work mounted! My artist friend Mel lent me some frames, sale or return Thanks Mel, would link to your website, but you don’t have one yet!!!!

There’s been a fair bit of OMG! OMG! OMG! Deep breathing and relax! But I’ve finished the commission, getting framing sorted out and and finally relaxing a bit!

And the best bit? I get to paint all weekend!! They want us to demonstrate our art! Do I mind people watching me? Not in the least, so, if you want to see me in action, head on down to John Lewis in High Wycombe. Just off the M40 at junction 4! We’ll be by the Coffee shop!

Oh, and if that’s not a big enough incentive, there’ll be a chap called Heston Blumenthal there signing his book! Apparently he cooks or something…

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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