Oh, the murky waters of the Art Publicity machine!

You shouldn’t believe what’s printed in the press? That’s how the adage goes! Well, this week I had it reinforced!

A little while ago I was “elected”  Publicity Officer for Buckingham Art For All! (It was more like I was the only volunteer) As my first foray into the media world, I arranged an interview with Our New Patron to promote Bafa and the Art Trail.

As a result the Buckingham Advertiser kindly printed this picture of me with said patron, Anita Lannen.


The picture is fine… Apart from instilling in me an intense desire  to diet… with immediate effect!

But now read the text!

Now, I want you to forget any images you have seen of my artwork! Tell me honestly WHOSE painting am I holding?

Go on! Forget what you know and go by the text! That’s right…

Well, obviously it must be a picture by Debs Last, right?  RIGHT?

Well, actually, NO! It’s one of mine! Debs’ picture is the amazing one on the wall behind us! I’m staggered that there are absolutely no actual errors in the text… and yet the impression is completely WRONG!!!

Hushed tones…Secretly, I’m actually more that a little impressed that they’ve been able to do that! But you won’t tell anyone will you?

Sorry Debs will a link to your website be any consolation?

The other problem is, there’s no mention of the Art Trail. Not a syllable! Not one!

From reading the rest of the text you learn that …

Anita displays work by local artists… which she does…

BUT nothing is mentioned about the other participants!!!! Not a word about Dragon Gallery, Fireside, Ginny Gray Gallery etc

I’m expecting there will be some flack about this, so I’m going to have to do some damage limitation and maybe a pre-emptive strike and set up some more publicity!!! Oh Joy! (manages a feeble smile and sighs heavily!)

I think I might have had my baptism of fire.

But they didn’t ACTUALLY get anything WRONG!!!! mutter, mutter, mutter…

The week wasn’t all murky waters though, I’m Featured Artist of the Month at Ginny Gray Gallery! Far, far far from Murky!

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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