Steps to art success – part 1

Ever think something was fate?

As a Christian I’m not into fate, but I do believe in divine intervention!And I think a bit of that’s been going on this last 2 weeks.

As usual for the end of term life has been frenetic. I’ve been trying to fit in all the work things I need to get done before the holidays and schools seem to be creating even more ways to keep me from working…

School concerts, sports days, finishing early… gnash, gnash! The list keeps getting longer. Not that I mind doing them. But why are they all in the last 2 weeks of term????

Anyway, I’ve been running to catch my tail most of the week with meetings and preparing for an art fair at Chiltern Open Air Museum on Sunday. I’d decided to paint some of their buildings to sell and they were taking some time. Plus all the framing.

Then there was a networking meeting that I wanted to attend but didn’t think I could fit in. You get the picture? I did go to the meeting… but more of that next week… very exciting!

High Wycombe Furniture Factory

I finally finished the 4th painting on Saturday afternoon/ evening. And the framing 1.00am Sunday. Not good when you’re doing a 6.00am start.

So it was Bright and early on Sunday morning that Mel Makinson (another artist) and myself set off! Well, the weather was bright…I’m not too sure about us!

While we were still struggling to erect boards another artist and his wife arrived and set up – before we were finished.

10.00am opening came and went. 3 volunteers looked around in the morning… that was it! We fared better after lunch. But is was still nothing like the hoards we had hoped for! I sold one card. The other 3 artists were more successful and one even sold a painting… at 4.00pm… and she’d been there all weekend, poor girl. But at least she went home happy.

On the plus side it is a fantastic venue, we had a good laugh and I did paint an abstract while we were there. I also got some useful intelligence about where to try and pitch for exposure and other art fairs.

So was Chiltern Open Air Museum’s Art Fair a success for me?

It is officially not a disaster! That’s my take on the situation! Footfall may have been low…but…

The manager liked my paintings of the museum buildings and they are now for sale in the shop. Yay!

And they’ve asked me to get them made up into cards to sell! Double Yay!

So not time wasted! But a learning curve, as they say!

Marsworth Stables and cart shed

Mental note…always take a hanging kit, you never know when you’ll be asked to put up a picture!!!! Thanks Mel!

Now, what else can I do to further my career? Any suggestions?

Next week I’ll tell you what happened yesterday, following on from the networking meeting! Oh and I hope to be in the press soon…

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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