Art Competitions and exposure – finding the right venue for my abstract art.

The hardest part of being an artist is creating the art, right?


Making the abstract art is not an issue. Finding places to display my work, where it fits in has been my biggest challenge. I believe in what I do, I just find it hard to get others to see that too! And that’s not because there are no opportunities.


The problem is me! I’m “blessed” with British reserve or maybe it’s just fear of failure? But I can’t succeed if I’m not prepared to fail. Probably a lot!

Scratch that, I hate the word “Fail” It implies a finality which is a lie. I have been unsuccessful but there is always next time. The favoured quote here is Edison’s 199 failed attempts before the 200th successful attempt at the light bulb. Failure implies waste, but waste is when something is abandoned. There is always something worth learning from the attempt. It may be hard to learn, but it can and should be learnt.

I recently received a comment that I was young, and that’s how you think when you’re young. I was quite flattered to be thought young – although it’s a relative term. (I have a friend who’s been “Old” and pessimistic since she was 19 12!)

At 19 I didn’t pursue what I wanted for fear of failure. 20+ years later I’m more worried about not trying than not succeeding. So, I’ve had another rejection for a competition and need to move onward. What can I learn? Try a different competition?


But how do you overcome the fear of failure? My only answer has to be one doubt at a time. Sometimes it’s overwhelming but then I get a day like last Sunday where people are fascinated by my work and want to show it in their cafe! i need more days like last Sunday.

Which is why I will be going out tomorrow, armed with portfolio and as much courage as I can muster – I’ll be avoiding the Dutch variety. To visit a Cafe and approach a gallery… Wish me luck! Better still, pray for me!

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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