Live demonstrations – abstracts in the open air!

There’s something immensly satifying about demonstrating art live. I could wax lyrical about the various pleasure but for me, the most exciting factor is the direct interaction with other people. The questions are always surprising and it’s wonderful to hear appreciative comments.

Of course, you can get detractors, but, so far, this hasn’t been my experience. I spent Sunday at Buckingham’s Music in the Market event. I had planned to do some caricatures as they go down well at these sorts of events. But when it came to it, I decided to demonstrate some abstracts in construction. I’d started them last Tuesday but hadn’t had the chance to complete them. 

There were a few technical issues – noteably an increasing wind. I had to tape the pictures and the ink had some additional guidance. But all went well. Whether the music influenced my creative muse is hard to say. I could barely hear due to the acoustics but there may have been some subliminal influences. I guess I’ll never know!

Will I do more demonstrations, maybe…! If I do a music event, I’ll try and make sure I can hear it though!!!!

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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