How I used acrylic mediums in an abstract painting!

Just what do you do with acrylic mediums?

When I decided to pursue art as a career two years ago my experience with acrylics was mixing poster paint with PVA glue in school art classes. More than a few years ago. The results were OK but nothing I could get excited about. Knowing virtually nothing and keen to find out more, I set about some research. It lead me to a book “The New Acrylics” by Rheni Tauchid. The section on mediums caught my eye. The possibilities opened up before me…

Up until recently, I have only used acrylics in a conventional painting way. But I was still a little timid about working with acrylics. So I decided to try something different. It was time to paint something new- or is sculpt a more accurate phrase?

Here it is! I’ve used lots of mediums, some unintentionally!


So, what have I used?

Acrylic inks and paint on stretched canvas – obviously.

The dark blue area is acrylic paint with Galleria glass bead medium mixed in.

WARNING- mediums tend to be white when in the jar and can easily be confused with white paint- especially when they’re the same brand in the same shape jar. The blue has glass beads in it because I originally painted it pale blue…and picked up the wrong jar…need I go on.

Glass bead medium over paint

I’ve found I prefer the glass bead medium painted over a dry paint layer (above) rather than mixed into it (below).

Detail of acrylic medium use

Next I mixed Daler Rowney 3D clear gel with orange paint and used a piping syringe and nozzle to go around the large triangle. I still need more practice with the piping syringe but I quite like the raggedy appearance of the line. This took a few days to dry.


I then painted the large triangle background pale yellow and used Golden Self-levelling gel. The canvas needs to be level for this stage. I dripped acrylic inks into the gel and used a cocktail stick to draw it out into lines and swirls. It takes a few days to dry properly…

…My second mistake was to try and paint the sides whilst this was drying- I tilted the board and rearranged my design. Fortunately I like the effect so no real harm done.

The top right shape started by scoring the wet blue paint making a grid pattern. I used Daler Rowney 3D clear gel again mixed with alizarin crimson this time. Using a card comb I created the red quarter circles. Some of the red paint is caught in the grid pattern.


A yellow grid pattern was painted into the small triangle. Then I dipped non-adhesive Scrim tape into acrylic ink and layered it on top.Scrim tape and acrylic ink

I used the same technique with a mesh ribbon to make the black stripe.

So, back to the overall result… so far. CIMG4916

I had intended adding more but I’m not sure I want to. So I’m leaving it as is while I decide. What do you think?

Whatever I decide to do with it, I’m going to be playing with more acrylic mediums!!!!

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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