How can you do drawing with a sewing machine?

Is it possibly to produce great art with a sewing machine?

Certainly great art art isn’t something I would have automatically associated with sewing. But I would have acknowledge that artistic creations are possible. The extent to which a sewing machine can be used for art is an open book.

This evening I attended the monthly BAFA meeting entitled “Drawing with a Sewing Machine”. I was fairly gobsmacked at the range and quality of the work I saw.

Briony Askew gave an eye opening demonstration of the potential of a sewing machine in the hands of a skilful practitioner. I was particularly impressed by her life drawing studies using a sewn line. Which were actually created in the life drawing class, in front of the model, with no pencil drawing at all.

I did not take any pictures, sadly, too interested!!! As with many forms of art photographs don’t do justice, especially to the quilted effects of the life “drawing” for example.

But, I found one she showed us online. (above). She used fabric dye to  on velvet, to get the initial design. Then used the sewing machine to get more detailing. She’s also showed how she’d used various printing techniques and then sewn on top of them. (Photos from the session are here)image

imageExamples of Michelle Stanswoods work

The second half of the evening was a hands on practical. We were permitted to get fluent with a sewing machine. Whilst another textile artist Michelle Stanswood demonstrated painting and printing techniques on textiles. Examples of her work can be seen in the photograph. to the left.

So can great art be made with a sewing machine?

Well, I’m a convert. I hear my sewing machine calling me as I type.

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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