Self-motivation – from sketch to completed artwork – struggles to keep going for eternity!

Ok, so not your actual “eternity”. But, you know how some jobs seem to go on forever? That’s how I feel about my youth club project!

Sure, it began well enough, I struggled initially with an idea. When I had that I thought “Hooray – time for fun”.

And so it was…at first…

Day 1 and 2 – I started, had to modify the design to match the colour available. No biggie I’ll cope. I really should have binned the paint, it has the consistency of cottage cheese! Even after it had been stirred! I ignored this and painted the panels. Twice to get an even coverage. – which effectively means 4 times as I was “painting the lumps out”!

Day 3 – Sketched in the design and started painting…

Still enjoying myself :-))))

All going well so far…

Day 4 and 5 – Then I started the lettering:- A day and a half drawing, cutting out and masking. Getting a bit bored now.

Not a happy bunny :-((((((((((

Day 5 – Finished letters and did some more masking and painting… Mood lifts a little.

Day 6 – Sketched in the figure… can’t get it to fit…@****** deep furrowed brow, distinctly annoyed bunny!!!!!!

Measured space and decided I needed a template. I know, I can do that at home!

Three weeks later – holiday, kitchen redesign and a whole lot of other important things that escape me now, but they really, really WERE IMPORTANT! Honest guv! Smiles weakly

Monday last week I summed up the courage to THINK about continuing.

Stuff happened!!!!!!!!!!

Monday this week – get keys to Hall.

Tuesday and Wednesday – have keys but can’t go in  due to events happening in the hall. Really want to finish now, have had enough. Feeling nearly as bad as when I did my A level art projects – 6 weeks on one drawing.

Today, finally I got in! Touched up paintwork. The panel is a window cover, they keep adding fixings. Every time I go in more holes have appeared.

Having made my template I was able to trace around it and paint in the silhouette. I also grunged up the lettering a bit more. Enjoying myself now!

Panel with figure

Looking good baby!

Me’s a happy bunny :0))))))))))))) Oh, yes!

Touching up still required, the bottom foot needs changing, head is still not quite right and I want a few silver highlights.

Enough for one more blog entry? Perhaps?

But then it’s “Hasta la vista, Baby!”

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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