OK, it’s interesting, but is it art?

I stumbled upon a curious documentary by the BBC last night. Goldsmiths – But is it art? It followed undergraduates at Goldsmiths as they put together their final show. On one level it was an interesting social dynamics study- or in some cases lack of social dynamics! On the other it went to reassert the popular conception that all modern art is rubbish!

“Take responsibility for yourself and believe in yourself” were the 2 key points one of the tutors reminded them as they were finishing. Well, that was the gist at least.

I can’t help wondering whether there should have been something about an actual creative process somewhere in there.

I don’t subscribe to the blanket assumption that someone calling something art makes it art. You can put a convincing argument together that black is white, or at least a very pale grey. But it doesn’t make the argument correct because it’s based on wrong principles.

One student even suggested that her art consisted of the bare minimum she felt could get away with! In other words she would put less effort in if she could. Interesting that she was not the artist who sold two of their pieces and could easily have made more on the sale! She certainly had confidence but it would help if she had some ability to go with that confidence.

I’m going to take the point “Take responsibility for yourself and believe in yourself”

So I present my latest offering at the sacrificial altar of Public opinion. Do your worst! I’m not sure it works as well as I’d intended. OK I’m believing in myself! Fixed grin, manic stare…

It’s entitled “grief” and is an attempt to describe that sense of lost when we lose a significant person from a longstanding relationship.


The second part is tonight. I’ve decided to watch, verdict tomorrow!

About CathyReadArt

Artist creating abstract art using mixed media. I believe there should be beauty in art, but sometimes it takes an artist to show others what is truly beautiful.
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